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Bus and Dishwasher-Jason’s Deli

Job Description: The Bus and/or Dishwashing Person sets up the restaurant and gets it ready for lunch or dinner. During the shift, the bus person clears tables off, wipes the tables and chairs down and sweeps the floor. The dish person uses a dishwashing machine to wash the dishes as well as pots, pans, and other utensils used by the employees and customers.
Major Job Responsibilities: Clearing tables and wiping tables, booths, and chairs at a very fast pace. Setting up the deli for lunch, cleaning up and re-setting the deli after the shift, closing down the deli after the dinner shift. Stacking the dishes on dish racks and running through a dishwashing machine, then restocking shelf and counter areas with stacks of dishes at a very fast pace.
Cleaning projects which will require using chemicals to clean all areas in the deli, including sweeping and mopping, and scrubbing all floor areas including moving equipment in order to scrub behind and underneath it, cleaning and wiping counters, walls, pictures, cabinets and other artifacts, cleaning and scrubbing equipment including slicers, the robocoupe, drills, knives, can openers, ovens, pots and pans, walk-in coolers, scales, racks, and Lincoln ovens, and taking trash out and empting it in the dumpsters.
Performing maintenance duties including standing on ladders to change light bulbs, to clean air vents, and to clean ceiling tiles, as well as other items. Daily organizing of products including lifting heavy orders of product, putting up heavy orders of product in the walk-in cooler and storage areas. Please apply at Job Id 1525304

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