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Cook at The Healthcare Resort of Wichita

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Job Summary

Summary: Prepares food in accordance with applicable federal, state and corporate standards, guidelines and regulations with established policies and procedures. Ensures quality food service is provided at all times.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Prepares high-quality food items according to standardized recipes and instructions to meet production, delivery and service schedules.
• Serves meals or prepares for delivery by using correct portioning, meeting outlined standards, ensuring that food is at the correct temperature and is attractive and tasty. Tastes all prepared food items.
• Uses established ticket collection procedures during service. Responsible for records from area worked during service periods.
• Cleans kitchen after preparation and serving, maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Stores or discards excess food in accordance with safe food-handling procedures.
• Keeps refrigerators and storerooms clean and neat. Ensures food and supply items are stored per standards.
• Operates and maintains kitchen equipment as instructed.
• Assists in production planning, record keeping and reporting as required.
• Assists in the ordering and receiving of all food and supplies as required.
• Reports needed maintenance, faulty equipment or accidents to the supervisor immediately.
• Attends in-service and safety meetings.
• Maintains good working relationships with coworkers, customers, administrators and managers.
• Performs job safely while maintaining a clean, safe work environment.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

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