On the Job Training Brian Riedel

What is On-the-Job Training (OJT)?

On-the-Job Training is what you need for your business to invest in itself and its future employees.

  • Hands on training that you design
  • A payment to offset training costs
  • An opportunity to train employees your way
  • An investment in your company

How Does it Work?

  • We match qualified applicants with your job openings
  • Together we design your training plan that meets your needs
  • You get reimbursed for the costs of training during the OJT period

Who Can I Hire?

  • Applicants who are pre-qualified by our office and referred to you


  • Applicants you send to us for eligibility screening. We’ll notify you if they qualify.

Businesses May Qualify if They…

  • Operate year round
  • Enjoy low employee turnover
  • Pay an hourly wage or salary
  • Realize the benefits of investing in their employees
  • Employ any number of employees